#420Project.IdleRPG on P2P-Network

IRC Clients

In order to play the IdleRPG game, you need an IRC Client. If you do not have an IRC Client installed, help is at hand!


One option is to download and Install HydraIRC, a free IRC client. HydraIRC can be downloaded directly from this link. Once the file is downloaded, simply double click on the file to install it.

You will be prompted to set up a user identity, and shown the preferences dialog with the user identify section selected. Click 'new' on the bottom of the dialog to create a new user identity, and fill out the form.

Identity Description: Enter MyDefaultIdentity
Name: Enter a "Name" of your choice (i.e. John Smith, does not need to be real)
User Name: Again enter your "Name" without spaces (i.e. JohnSmith)
Nick: Enter a username to use on irc. This would be a name you want people to know you by!
Click Add to add the nickname
Click OK to complete the user identity.

With HydraIRC installed and configured, you just need to click this link to connect to the IdleRPG channel and get started!

Browser Based IRC Client

Below is a link to a browser based IRC Client - it runs straight from your internet browser, without installation.

Open IRC pre-launch window

Other IRC Clients

Other clients work fine as well, simply connect to irc.p2p-network.net and type /join #420Project.IdleRPG once connected. General chat and assistance can be found the #420Project.org channel.

You could try:
ChatZilla (Firefox Addon),

And the list goes on. You can find these and more at http://www.ircreviews.org/clients/